Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sewing Cotton Velvet

Do you emember these fabrics? They are both ready and I promised to show them both. So I will do it now. Partly. I think, I have too many lingerie posts here in such a short period. I love it though as it is historically true and because I enjoy it, you know. And I am drawing and sewing even more. Lingerie will be back on the blog tomorrow. Just after I test some of the new fabrics.

So here is the velvet project itself. Crotch seames, as you may expect in torusers and I am affraid, I can not show you more yet.

sewing cotton velvet

 I can not remember if I sewed velvet earlier. I did sew corduroy, but it feelс so much different. This velvet is so smooth and gentlе, one  could hardly resist hugging it. Even the back is fantastic and nice to touch.

cotton velvet on the cutting table
I was unsure if sewing machine foot will leave traces on it. Fortunately, it did not. I found, corduroy is easier to sew than denim and produces beautiful detail and texture. The shine, I am usually not fond of, is beautiful too - delicate and interesting. I also thought it might look different depending on the direction it was cut. Again - it did not matter and it was good too. You can see on the first picture above - no difference in front and back.

See you tomorrow with more of this:
on my table today - lingerie sketches

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