Monday, 19 January 2015

Sunday Stash: Denim, Wool and Lace

On a Monday again, fabrics for clothes again - denim, wool and lace. I am looking forward to sewing them and just piling for now.

Sunday stash - denim, wool and lace

All impulsive buys, all stashed for now. Bought them last week but they will not see my sewing machine in a couple of week or so. I call "impulsive buy"anything that will not be cut and sewn in a week after purchase. I know what I bought them for, but not when this will happen. Better than keeping it imaginary.

Since it is a Monday already, I am piling this week stash too. It is going really fast... So is my sewing to-do list.

See you tomorrow with the pink reveal from this table.

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