Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Lace is Going Red!

Last year I bought some red lace while buying black one for a project. It was beautiful and I thought adding  something red would be a beautiful start of my lingerie sewing. So the red ones shown here were sewn. They are still on the wait for a matching bra by the way. Although I cut the lace and everything for it promptly /I was so enthusiastic/, it would be faster if waited for completing the toile first. However with Feb 14th approaching, red seems good for the next project.

So I bought some more reds - lace, Tricot, mesh... all different shades, most are different weights too. 

red lingerie fabrics and laces on my sewing table

I played with some of them today and I hope I will have something finished tomorrow. I have had some of these for a day, so new ideas come every hour or so... Love how they look together:

Oh, and did you notice there is some fuchsia in here? Yes it is new too. Plus some other beautiful colours.

PS I am back to a post a day /on weekly basis due to now-post yesterday/ now and I hope I will be able to keep this. I have so much to share lately!  Wish me good luck tomorrow. The day goes so fast everyday...

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