Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Side Table Love

Most of my projects start here - on the side table. The fabrics and the notions stop on it first.
Here are the fabrics for the two of the things I did last week. Two colour, two fabrics, some cones and some scissors. The disposable cup extravaganza is one this just "for the next 10 minutes" solutions that last much longer. I like the fact I can see through it and drop it with silently and safely. It lives there now.
the start of a project - two of them here actually

This very start of project is inspiring to me. And it makes things so crisp as a process. Everything is straightforward and easy at this stage, all the options - open.

It is so mush more manageable than the feel of the look of the table after an applique project:

the end of another project
You see what I mean by "crisp and manageable", I think.

Both projects are all done. See you next week with them!

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