Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Weekly Update: Lingerie Drafting

A week of lingerie drafting. This one was line this. The one no-posts week here was absolutely outside the plan. The plan was different - daily posts. The reality was daily lingerie drafting, some walks, some baking, some sewing and more lingerie drafting. I spent hours and hours everyday doing this very thing - preparing lingerie pattern pieces.

Last week I finished sewing these ones and went on drafting more styles this week.

mesh and lace sides cotton panties in reds

The picture is a bit noisy due to low light here. I will need to take new pictures after this winter storm is gone.

The good thing will all the drafting time this week is a see a collection growing and all the little details sorted. The not so good one - I still have the fabrics piles untouched and waiting for me. New lace fabrics need to be tested and some elastics have to be given a go. I will surely make up for this in February and do it with lots of lace, I think.

I played with satin a bit in the meantime. Just enough to envision new projects including satin. Not a minute more as I was.... you know, drafting lingerie...
satin fabrics

Now, as the first drafts are done, I am moving to cutting and sewing them next week.

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