Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fabrics of All Sorts... Quilty and Lingerie

This week I was palying with soft and vivid colours - cotton wovens for patchwork and cotton knits for lingerie.

I took a quick picture, of Friday orders - the fat quarter bundles in it are named Spring Flowers and Hyacinths. The snow we just saw on Saturday morning /it was quickly almost all gone in a few hours/ was a gift in a snow-less, yet, winter. But I am waiting for the flowers spring will bring and counting orchids buds every week.

I was drawing and arranging sketches anf fabrics this week and experimented pairing sketches with pictures. I will play with more of them next week.

Here is the first ones are inspired by the lovely Lola Pants by Ohhh Lulu. I chose these for the experiment for many reasons - the print on the real panties and the beauty of the pattern - it is elegant and whispering "spring" and the chance to see how I might draw lace to start with.

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