Monday, 23 February 2015

Fuchsia Love - Lingerie in Pink and Fuchsia in February

I was surrounded but fuchsia fabrics, laces and threads last week and I managed to bring some more fuchsia things home today. I am not really a pink girl, but i definitely adore colour and fuchsia is an adorable colour for sure. So while I am waiting for the pale elegant fabrics I saved for the spring and the vivid, vibrant ones I accumulating for the summer, hot pink and fuchsia bridge the seasons here. I doubt fuchsia or red could be too much ever. The energy, the joke and smile they bring are so refreshing.

sewing fuchsia undies, low rise knickers sewing

So I was playing with fuchsia bowls in a very difficult day.

handmade lingerie process special indulgence - making bows
 And taking pictures of fuchsia! in a gloomy day and I am happy the whole fuchsia extravaganza last week gave me, made me think I need something very fuchsia and all for me. So I will have it done pretty soon. I also need to double check this idea... I see some room for improvement. It is obvious here:
fuchsia undies experiments in February

I am still experimenting with some of things, that are on the to-get done-this-spring plan and the to-do list grows faster than I manage to tick parts of them, that are done. It is inspiring /and some times sleepless too/ - dreaming in quilts, has become dreaming in lace this winter. I keep drawing for most of the things now. Thing get tangible step by step and this wonderful.

PS Undies above are either Lola panties or based on them. See more on them here if you are interested in sewing them.

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