Sunday, 1 February 2015

January sea - Waves Between Lingerie Making Sessions

January was a lingerie month for me. Lots of lingerie related things going on here. And a month of fogs, rains and a huge palette of blues too. Each weekend was so different - chills and frost;serene sun and crisp colours;fogs and fogs with silver light and soft edges; waives, rain and all the shades of blue... So I am documenting the lovely palettes here, starting with this weekend.

Yesterday by the sea looking so calm with the waves "hidden"below:

 And so powerful when they were not! It was beautiful!

the waves hidden below the tree

  Just like the layered clouds:

the waves and the orange on the ships....

And I do love the orange boats!

this orange ship and this green sea....

You can see the beautiful green of sea water heavy with sand. It looks this green when you are away and brown-beige when you get closer.

I love all these colours. What I can not show you is the crisp eggplant purples on the cape here. After a rainy night the air was crystal clear and trees on the cape were clearly visible.

the power of waves

All of this was seen a single walk in less than two hours. Beautiful and inspiring colours. And I am playing with reds.... but just for now.

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