Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mini Doll Bear in Checks for a Little Man

mini bear doll in checks
This is a very special doll for me. I decided to make one for my kid just after the "get seated" moment to make a doll for the stroller. I choose the pattern and fabrics and started sewing. Than the nose part put the project on hold and it was hibernating for a year or more. When I finally finished it, the kid was playing with so many other toys and we had stopped using the stroller so long ago, it was never a play doll. It was a hugging doll instead.

So when I was thinking what to give a little man this winter, I tough of this bear again, as I know how hug-gable it could be, despite the size and shape. And here it came. checks again and a bit stronger colours too. I hope it will be loved a lot.

The #1 bear is still loved.I have a few bear dolls cut and semi assembled, I think I need to finished them all.

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