Sunday, 29 March 2015

10 Days of March Multitasking - off the Blog, on Instagram

Here I am back on the blog after some busy and interesting days. I spent time doing various things -  pattern drafting, preparing for sewing new clothes, painting, teaching and getting new products for the shop ready. I sources some new materials and have not had time to make swatches yet.

I sometimes wonder how interesting life woul be with an hour more every day. But it is not so we have to do somehow with what we have, right?

My orchids blowing on Instagram while I am off the blog

You can see some little peaks what was going on on my Instagram page. It was way too quite there lately too. I choose omitting some daily tasks to keep a better focus of all the extravaganza around. With a new project starting this week, I suppose I will be more and more on Instagram and less on the blog for a week or so. Come and see the insights on Instagram

How is your March going? How do you come with projects interaction and the "small" days?

PS This is the same orchid that was growing buds a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Polka Dots Knickers - Lace, Mesh and Dots!

This is the second print I bough especially for lingerie last summer /the first being bolder/. I loved the deep red and the miniature dots. I cut it the very moment my high-waist panties were tweaked enough to use a favorite fabric. They turned great. You can see a bit of them here.  I kept a little piece for a matching bra, and the remaining bits turned into a few knickers.

Polka dot knickers - jersey, mesh and lace
I think I will not be able to make the bra this winter, maybe late spring... but the knickers are just lovely I think - the dot are so cheerful! This is a tweaked version of these knickers. They sit just below waist line and have medium coverage on the back, yet a nice open front leg opening that does not cover the upper leg. Oh, and the 3 bows! It was a the polka dots mojo effect and I like it. :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Spring Flowers Update - Yellow Hyacinth and a Pink Rose

It is orchid month here. I also have a hyacinth and a rose flowering, while the cyclamens keep on flowering too.

cyclamen, hyacinth and orchid flowering

March 8th is an interesting day in my country - some love it and celebrate it, some /almost/ hate it or ignore it. In my family it has always been flowers day. With the flowers flooding all the shops and the day in Sunday, I used the Saturday, which was a gloomy day, to visit as many shops as possible and enjoy the colours and petals everywhere.

My flower collection grew with a rose and hyacinth - a yellow one. I love the gentle combo the pinks and yellows produced... It has  second flower stem now.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Etsy Talk: Reopening my Etsy Shop Progress Tracking and Thoughts

Mentioning a lovely Etsy team, I might continue the Etsy theme on the blog in a more business related point of view as I am trying to get my shop on and operating for a few months now. Tracking the progress and writing down current thoughts might be a way to have the shop working sooner and better.

So here is the progress and story - after a couple years of a long vacation, I sporadically listed a few items and got a surprise sale last August. By "surprise" I mean, I put no special marketing or social media, nor even search engine optimization or networking effort at all. I had less than pleasing views and hearts, etc. Yet I had a sale!

Etsy Talks - Setting a shop on Etsy - March 2015
The reopening of the shop had been just planned a few months before the sale. The real job getting it running started right after the big changes on Etsy last autumn. Great moment to do it, isn't it? Everyone was complaining, I was unsure how it might affect a non-established shop like mine - whether it would be sinking more or less as I had no level to compare with... I was getting more and more countable progress and it had no effect.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Lingerie Sketches on the Table

Lacy knickers plans on paper
Lately when not sewing or matching lingerie materials, I draw lingerie. It is kind of addictive and am always matching something - fabric, findings, threads, knickers and bras sometimes...

I have made few of the one son the bottom, one on the second - all lace style already, and just planning the ones on the sketch on the top.

The next decision is which fabric to cut first and I just bough a few more fabrics today... whicj makes decision making even more exciting.

I tend to think of lingerie making the patchwork way - colorway, palette, texture...  I think it is late quilting effect. LOL

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

March Quilts on Quiltsy Cares - Week 1

This place is getting less quilty than lacy lately. I am still taking care for my hand, I hurt last summer and spent most of my sewing time making lingerie now. It feels absolutely great  actually. But I miss the texture and colourful splashes quilts provide. So I am happy to share with you something quilty today and beautiful in both aesthetic and human aspect.

The Etsy team for quilters, I am a member of, is presenting charity quilts of Quiltsy Team members on the team's blog. The quilts are so different and each is accompanied by the story of the quilter and their charity projects.

I made a mosaic of some of the quilts featured in the first week of March. They are all so beautiful - modern or traditional, whimsical or elegant... it is always a pleasure to see them. Visit the blog to see them and the other charity quilts through March.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Watercolours March - Making Up for the Poor Light with Painting

Three years ago I was using my watercolours again. It was a fresh start after maybe 10 years break. I enjoyed them a lot but had to put them on hold a few months later. This March, with the all the unexpeted things around and the cold weather, I picked the watercolours box again, stretched some paper and started with an old draft first /in progress on the picture/. It was an emergency instant gratification relax plan. Too cold for a good walk and too dark for weeks too, so painting will fix them both.

playing with watercolours

I am now looking at the first watercolour of 2015... It is too dark to go on with it now. I just played half an hour with it last night /in the dark hours again/ and I decided to continue in a lighter part of the day. Well, today is gone, so it will wait for tomorrow. I have no idea how many watercolours this painting season will produce. I have to admit, I would keep it in the warmer, lighter part of the years just for the joy of it if I could. Why not?

PS The draft and its progress is nothing exciting obviously. I just decided to complete it, despite all the "problems" in it, for the practice,  the process and the learning in it.  It will get a new better version some day.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Knickers Draft and Version One. And some thoughts on Plans Getting Out of Control

lacy front seld-drafted knickers today

I was on and off both the studio and the blog lately. It was interesting, but a bit off the plan. Again. I have never been too much on the planing side of life. I always allow and enjoy some unexpected fun. With a lot of time off the plans and completely outside the schedules lately, however, I start to think plans are just an anchor to smile at when it is almost out of reach. To keep planning and forget how many things get delayed is sometimes a blessing. I tend to forget this /the out of control parts/ the minute I am out my working hours. I may plan new things on a walk but get very careful not to think over what went wrong on a walk. And I mean the exact "Keep Calm and Carry and Dream On" strategy. It works. And it is essential when you balance between working on orders, creative process, business planning, family and getting some "normal" life in between.

Back to the things happening here. I drafted and sewed a new style of knickers today. This style was on my mind for a week or so and I wanted to play with lace to piece panties for even longer.