Sunday, 29 March 2015

10 Days of March Multitasking - off the Blog, on Instagram

Here I am back on the blog after some busy and interesting days. I spent time doing various things -  pattern drafting, preparing for sewing new clothes, painting, teaching and getting new products for the shop ready. I sources some new materials and have not had time to make swatches yet.

I sometimes wonder how interesting life woul be with an hour more every day. But it is not so we have to do somehow with what we have, right?

My orchids blowing on Instagram while I am off the blog

You can see some little peaks what was going on on my Instagram page. It was way too quite there lately too. I choose omitting some daily tasks to keep a better focus of all the extravaganza around. With a new project starting this week, I suppose I will be more and more on Instagram and less on the blog for a week or so. Come and see the insights on Instagram

How is your March going? How do you come with projects interaction and the "small" days?

PS This is the same orchid that was growing buds a couple of weeks ago.

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