Saturday, 14 March 2015

Etsy Talk: Reopening my Etsy Shop Progress Tracking and Thoughts

Mentioning a lovely Etsy team, I might continue the Etsy theme on the blog in a more business related point of view as I am trying to get my shop on and operating for a few months now. Tracking the progress and writing down current thoughts might be a way to have the shop working sooner and better.

So here is the progress and story - after a couple years of a long vacation, I sporadically listed a few items and got a surprise sale last August. By "surprise" I mean, I put no special marketing or social media, nor even search engine optimization or networking effort at all. I had less than pleasing views and hearts, etc. Yet I had a sale!

Etsy Talks - Setting a shop on Etsy - March 2015
The reopening of the shop had been just planned a few months before the sale. The real job getting it running started right after the big changes on Etsy last autumn. Great moment to do it, isn't it? Everyone was complaining, I was unsure how it might affect a non-established shop like mine - whether it would be sinking more or less as I had no level to compare with... I was getting more and more countable progress and it had no effect.

The focused effort, the listing and networking work, the measurable progress was all there. but sales where not. Testing different strategies, some experiments, the holiday season... transferred to pure nothing - no sales.

As it is March now, the shop has 3 sales this year, one still being in the making and frankly, I can't say whether it is good luck or it is the effect of the past half an year.

With the IPO Etsy started and all the reselling drama, last month, I hear and read lots and loads of negative comments on Etsy's future and its market place potential. So I will track my progress here on the blog just to keep it documented and make it easier for me, and hopefully others in the same boat, see among /the almost random/ facts a way to building a business on Etsy this year. As the beautiful blond woman's a million-a-year business with an Etsy shop's reviews popping  everywhere were perfectly coherent with the IPO and I saw coordinated marketing in these two events, I still believe the market is big and established enough for artisans to thrive on it. I might be wrong. Or not. Hopefully not.

So here are the facts so far:
  • This month I connected the shop to the studios page on Facebook
  • I also activated the new call-to-action button on it to link to the shop.
  • I am still keeping the no-etsy-products on the Facebook page policy.
  • The page followers have reached 3000 this week
  • As of today, the shop has 55 products, 515 admirers  and 28 sales /3 in 2015/
How is your shop getting this spring?

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