Thursday, 5 March 2015

Knickers Draft and Version One. And some thoughts on Plans Getting Out of Control

lacy front seld-drafted knickers today

I was on and off both the studio and the blog lately. It was interesting, but a bit off the plan. Again. I have never been too much on the planing side of life. I always allow and enjoy some unexpected fun. With a lot of time off the plans and completely outside the schedules lately, however, I start to think plans are just an anchor to smile at when it is almost out of reach. To keep planning and forget how many things get delayed is sometimes a blessing. I tend to forget this /the out of control parts/ the minute I am out my working hours. I may plan new things on a walk but get very careful not to think over what went wrong on a walk. And I mean the exact "Keep Calm and Carry and Dream On" strategy. It works. And it is essential when you balance between working on orders, creative process, business planning, family and getting some "normal" life in between.

Back to the things happening here. I drafted and sewed a new style of knickers today. This style was on my mind for a week or so and I wanted to play with lace to piece panties for even longer.

drafting a new style of knickers today

I call it a successful first pair and plan the next ones. It does need some technical refining and some style tweaking but I like it. And yes, not absolutely abandoning planning yet. 

The good thing with this style is, it is not stressing too much on curves, as lace does limit the options. I also like the mirroring in lace panels. It is a nice thing to play with and it looks good. Not particularly on as even lace design as this one, but stile pretty. I am not sure about the bow really, but this pair will keep the one on the picture for now. I need to tweak this style a bit more if I am to make it part of my lingerie sewing plans. It has some retro feel but I need something more in it.

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