Thursday, 19 March 2015

Polka Dots Knickers - Lace, Mesh and Dots!

This is the second print I bough especially for lingerie last summer /the first being bolder/. I loved the deep red and the miniature dots. I cut it the very moment my high-waist panties were tweaked enough to use a favorite fabric. They turned great. You can see a bit of them here.  I kept a little piece for a matching bra, and the remaining bits turned into a few knickers.

Polka dot knickers - jersey, mesh and lace
I think I will not be able to make the bra this winter, maybe late spring... but the knickers are just lovely I think - the dot are so cheerful! This is a tweaked version of these knickers. They sit just below waist line and have medium coverage on the back, yet a nice open front leg opening that does not cover the upper leg. Oh, and the 3 bows! It was a the polka dots mojo effect and I like it. :)

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