Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Watercolours March - Making Up for the Poor Light with Painting

Three years ago I was using my watercolours again. It was a fresh start after maybe 10 years break. I enjoyed them a lot but had to put them on hold a few months later. This March, with the all the unexpeted things around and the cold weather, I picked the watercolours box again, stretched some paper and started with an old draft first /in progress on the picture/. It was an emergency instant gratification relax plan. Too cold for a good walk and too dark for weeks too, so painting will fix them both.

playing with watercolours

I am now looking at the first watercolour of 2015... It is too dark to go on with it now. I just played half an hour with it last night /in the dark hours again/ and I decided to continue in a lighter part of the day. Well, today is gone, so it will wait for tomorrow. I have no idea how many watercolours this painting season will produce. I have to admit, I would keep it in the warmer, lighter part of the years just for the joy of it if I could. Why not?

PS The draft and its progress is nothing exciting obviously. I just decided to complete it, despite all the "problems" in it, for the practice,  the process and the learning in it.  It will get a new better version some day.

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