Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spring Weddings - Something Blue Wedding Rings Cushion

With May around the corner, it is high time to get ready for a spring wedding with something blue everyone could see.

something blue wedding rings cushion
I am still taking pictures of it. Other colours -  in progress now. Will be in the shop later this week.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lingerie Sewing Time: Lace and Bra Straps Thoughts

With a few completed bras under my belt, I am looking for some variety for my summer projects.

What I found supportive and comfortable in the Marlborough bra, is still a bit too big and too covering for a summer bra, for me. It might be because I used to wear a lot of demi cups and strapless cups before converting to a full cup bra last summer /for a special dress/ and then sewing loads of Marlboroughs, but Marlborough cups feel really extra full this spring. I suppose I will either finish my self-drafted bra soon, or get a new pattern for summer bras to come.

Sewing all my bras

I have stopped buying bras after the first successful bra actually. It was so logical and liberating - a trip to the shop, a few hours by the machine and voila - the perfect fit in the perfect colourway and material. Plus I always have the matching set with undies and undies the way I want them too - maybe even a full range of 3 styles for a bra.

Ready to Wear Bra 

I bought one bra last month though. I just had to. It was not the style, or not even the make, which is flawless as always /I have been wearing this company's bras for almost 20 years/, that made me buy it. It was the lace - I doubt I could get such lace soon. 

So I bought it because of it - four colours lace in soft green with pink roses, lime green leaves and ecru eyelets and leaves. It is a little perfection. All lace bra too. It is a bit more dense than embroidered netting - my favorite summer material, but the lace.... it is exquisite and really rear - French order by a local maker. This bra started the lace on the strap thoughts.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Back to Sewing Knits - New Knickers

It had been a long month with no knits sewing - no undies, no bras... and it accumulated a lot of ideas.
This week was back-to-sewing one and felt good.

Here is the first thing all done now. The picture was taken before the bow. A quick picture by the machine.

April knickers #1

Here it is with bow #1 - it was on hand, but far from what I wanted for them. And here is the finished look.

A few more things are in the making, some of them all done, some partly, some still secret, but great fun. More on them in the next month.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Geranium Love - Princess Alba

Geraniums /pelargoniums/ are very common here - it is the upright and compact kind that have been popular over the last 50 years. Almost every home has at least one of them, or if one doesn't, their neighbors have three of them. Pelganium peltatums /the cascading ones/ are just recent addition and not so typical to the old houses, just modern ones. But the bigger blossomed ones - pelargonium grandiflorum, is something most grannies have had in their houses. They called them lovingly "alba-s". I have now where the name had come but it is lovely.

my first pelarginium grandflorum

Pelargonium grandiflorum /called alba here/

Monday, 13 April 2015

Etsy Talk: Settling of my Etsy Shop Progress Tracking and Thoughts

Here is the Etsy update a month later:

etsy shop setting blog posts - month 2

The story

I tried a few new ideas during these four weeks. I had some Etsy intensive days and some days I had not a single minute for the shop. I tackled my tags a bit, researched different aspects and spent some time taking pictures. The sales are kind of OK and predictable and kind of far too low too. Depends on the point of view. I think it will settle soon.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Linen and Orange on a Fabric Basket

Speaking of fabric baskets, bread baskets, and fabric boxes... this is the one I made today.

fabric bread basket - orange splash on linen

Love the simple crispness in it. It is minimalistic, 3 patches, delicate ribbons and nothing it can live without. It is enough. Nothing less, nothing more.

One of the best things about this perfect balance between necessity and design is the fact, it was all designed by a customer. It started as a sketch, I drew based on the customer's vision of it. And here it is - ready to be used and loved. I do love this part of my work.

This bread basket will be added to the shop later this week with customizable options.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Fabric Bread Baskets Love

A few years ago I found a bread basket looks absolutely fantastic with croissants inside it - I saw a Provence breakfast table, I suppose. However using a fabric bread basket to store little toys, especially finger puppets and little feet socks made me sew some of them. It made play time and finding sock for the little one here so much more beautiful and comfortable.
As you can see, I never take pictures of them with food inside /except the absolutely clean apples/ . I want them all clean /as they are for sale/, but I also love the non-food and organizational function they may perform.
fabreic bread baskets or fabric storaze boxes by Domoshar Studios

I liked them so much,  I made a few for gifts and some custom orders and they have always been liked a lot. It is easy to see why - they are easy to use and even easier to care for or store - no hard parts, no paper inside, no need to iron, just toss in the washer, dry and use or fold and put in a drawer. They look great open and make a lovely mug rug or hot pad. Just tie them open.

I carry the ones on the picture in my shop now. I will be happy to make a custom one or a few for you. They might be delicate in whites and linen, just a hint of colour or a colour explosion - it is up to you.

If you are sewing, you can make some yourself. It is a simple construction and I will be adding a pattern for them to the patterns section of the shop shortly if you need some help.

Happy Monday!

Palm Sunday

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it today!

It is Palm Sunday here today and I am celebrating them both - the Palm Sunday and my name day as my name means larkspur /delphinium/.

light in a gloomy day - Black Sea, Varna, March 2015

I am so happy I survived the week before it. It was stressful time 10 days in a row. It fells like "phew, it is all over now". I planned a couple of hours replanting my pots today and preparing the balcony for the summer. It will happen some other day. I will draw some other day and lots of things got scheduled for the same "precise"period - some other day. I still have the big 70 litres /154 lb/ bag of potting material here. It is insane how big it is actually, but I am sure it will be well used on my tiny balcony.

The holiday was the light in a dark period for me just like the one on the picture /see more about it below/.