Monday, 13 April 2015

Etsy Talk: Settling of my Etsy Shop Progress Tracking and Thoughts

Here is the Etsy update a month later:

etsy shop setting blog posts - month 2

The story

I tried a few new ideas during these four weeks. I had some Etsy intensive days and some days I had not a single minute for the shop. I tackled my tags a bit, researched different aspects and spent some time taking pictures. The sales are kind of OK and predictable and kind of far too low too. Depends on the point of view. I think it will settle soon.

My growth plan is absolutely simple. I am looking for doubling what I have. This being said, it will get more ambitious after each achievement. No stress actually. I bet on the snowball effect and track the progress.  March goal was achieved. It is time for April now. I know it is a bit confusing to track progress in the middle of a month /or a few days earlier actually/ but the fact is, I could either start it before the middle of  March, or not start it all. Thus the interesting month slices.

Back to the stpry - some new things happened, like showing in some browse categories more, or for the first time. None of them brought sales so far. Here comes the "no stress" part.

I had a few new products ready for the shop and if pictures are approved they will be in the shop next week. So far I mainly kept adding or renewing products I have made a few months ago. The to-tweak list is growing and I see lots of etsy time for next month.

The stats

So here are the facts so far:

  • This month I paid some attention to the Twitter networking. 
  • Started using Instagram more 
  • I  started the no-etsy-products policy on Instagram, but broke it on Facebook and posted a few products
  • The page followers are pretty low this month
  • My creation was featured as a catedory image in the Browse section, 
  • My product was in Trending Browse section for a couple of days
  • As of today, the shop has 71 products, 611 admirers  and 31 sales /6 in 2015, 4 in March/   
 Here is my frist Trending item I think:

domoshar in trednging items on etsy

How is your shop growing?

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