Monday, 6 April 2015

Fabric Bread Baskets Love

A few years ago I found a bread basket looks absolutely fantastic with croissants inside it - I saw a Provence breakfast table, I suppose. However using a fabric bread basket to store little toys, especially finger puppets and little feet socks made me sew some of them. It made play time and finding sock for the little one here so much more beautiful and comfortable.
As you can see, I never take pictures of them with food inside /except the absolutely clean apples/ . I want them all clean /as they are for sale/, but I also love the non-food and organizational function they may perform.
fabreic bread baskets or fabric storaze boxes by Domoshar Studios

I liked them so much,  I made a few for gifts and some custom orders and they have always been liked a lot. It is easy to see why - they are easy to use and even easier to care for or store - no hard parts, no paper inside, no need to iron, just toss in the washer, dry and use or fold and put in a drawer. They look great open and make a lovely mug rug or hot pad. Just tie them open.

I carry the ones on the picture in my shop now. I will be happy to make a custom one or a few for you. They might be delicate in whites and linen, just a hint of colour or a colour explosion - it is up to you.

If you are sewing, you can make some yourself. It is a simple construction and I will be adding a pattern for them to the patterns section of the shop shortly if you need some help.

Happy Monday!

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