Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Geranium Love - Princess Alba

Geraniums /pelargoniums/ are very common here - it is the upright and compact kind that have been popular over the last 50 years. Almost every home has at least one of them, or if one doesn't, their neighbors have three of them. Pelganium peltatums /the cascading ones/ are just recent addition and not so typical to the old houses, just modern ones. But the bigger blossomed ones - pelargonium grandiflorum, is something most grannies have had in their houses. They called them lovingly "alba-s". I have now where the name had come but it is lovely.

my first pelarginium grandflorum

Pelargonium grandiflorum /called alba here/

So here is my first alba.

I have to admit, I felt drawn to them at least couple of times during the past few years. Especially while shopping for the summer in spring time. What stopped me buy one is the size... I had a little /mini/ balcony  garden and it is absolutely exploding with flowers. But it managed to come home this year - a precious gift from one of the most special women in my life and thus it is even more special flower. It is so colourful, vivid and cheerful, it was the perfect thing to play with on Easter.

This fun pictures are taken by my kid and we laughed every minute of the whole process.

Which was long... because we laughed...

The colour-balance is a bit off. But I decided to keep them like they came from the camera - the happy document of happy moments... with camera jumping and cutting the blossoms...

The background is my Watercolor Garden quilt, I love more and more as time goes. The vivid alba just sings on its background.

The colour match with my nails is coincidence, I couldn't plan better than it happened by chance.

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