Monday, 6 April 2015

Palm Sunday

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it today!

It is Palm Sunday here today and I am celebrating them both - the Palm Sunday and my name day as my name means larkspur /delphinium/.

light in a gloomy day - Black Sea, Varna, March 2015

I am so happy I survived the week before it. It was stressful time 10 days in a row. It fells like "phew, it is all over now". I planned a couple of hours replanting my pots today and preparing the balcony for the summer. It will happen some other day. I will draw some other day and lots of things got scheduled for the same "precise"period - some other day. I still have the big 70 litres /154 lb/ bag of potting material here. It is insane how big it is actually, but I am sure it will be well used on my tiny balcony.

The holiday was the light in a dark period for me just like the one on the picture /see more about it below/.

I am still not sure whether I will or I will not make Easter bread this year. I might be sewing a lot. Despite the fact folclore calendar forbids needlework. I might well excuse by using machines...

Wishing you a lovely new week!

PS I took pictures of the sea yesterday. It was so crisp, luminous and clear, the water seemed icy /they are all still in the camera/. I am showing you an earlier, March, look at the sea instead - lots of light and serene air ina  gloomy, dark day - the light showed unexpectedly and gloriously for as little as 10 minutes/.

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