Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Something Red - Lace and Cotton Lingerie Set

Adding lingerie to the favorite reds


This is what I am doing today. My first set of red lingerie, on my birthday. It's vivid, but not bold. It is strong, but not harsh and I love it. It is really special because I have a thing with reds. I have always had a dress, a coat, a pair of shoes and a bag in red. Well, and a wallet. No, I do not wear them all together, but I love red. Although is not my favorite colour. It just grows with me and I add something red to my life as it goes.

The colour thing

A couple of years ago /or so/ I bought my first red lipstick. It was the soft red, you can't resist loving - pure red with a hint of white, just enough to soften it and make it delicately shining /and I don't mean glitter or gloss - just the colour/.The lipstick has expired. I have replaced it with another /different shade, different make, next generation etc./, but colours have special life of theirs. I have the same colour on my nails now - just like my first red lipstick.

Red Nails

Red nails are something I was old enough when I hit 20. I remember my granny happy, I had the taste for nails that made statement and a soft one too. Balance is a fine art and my granny had a feel for it. She was amazing stylish woman and my short vivid nails made her happy. This made me happy too.

Red lipstick

Red lipstick... I added it many, many years later - after 30. It was something I was old enough to do. I had tried one on many years before buying it. I knew it looked good on my face. I just did not feel like it fitted my  inner self until I grew a bit. Remember a friend laughing with it, saying I could never, ever worry about grey hair - I just had to wear the red lipstick and no one would notice I have silver hair, she said. Yes, it changes the face, adds energy and extra sparkle to any face, as simple as it is - a red lipstick.

Red Lingerie

And today, on a birthday, I add a red lingerie set to my growing-old reds. The special thing is the colour again - orange red. I just loved this fine cotton knit, while I was shopping for some other sewing projects. The lingerie idea was something that came to me while I was buying it. The lace and the knit just called for each other and a lingerie to become part of.

The Making

I started this set last year with the knickers, the bra was almost ready in February, done in March and received a bow in June. It is somehow on the cooler side of lingerie drawer I think - the colour is too strong to fit airy and sheer summer clothes. Still the cotton and lace ingredients make it airy and comfortable enough for a summer day. It might get its first wear this summer, or not. Still, I am happy I have it. For the love of red.

Credits and details

The bra is an Orange Lingerie Marlborough with modified straps and redrafted band /it is lowered to fit a dress with a deep cut on the back/.|The bridge has some organza to stay fit. The closure is doubled, the side seam stabilized and the wires casing made by me. All of these minor changes /last sentence/ seem to be a routine choice for now.

The knickers are Ohhh Lulu Lola Panties. These two make a great duo. I though it the first time I paired them, and I still do. One thing I could change if the knickers were sewn after then bra - the waist elastic - to match the bra. I was hoping to get a red closure at this time.

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