Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Quilt for a Little Lady

Loving to make baby and kids quilt, I was so happy to make this one last month! Going through the pictures now feeels so good - little ones quilts are so special!

It was a special custom order for a little girl. - as colourful and as bugs-friendly as possible for a sunny kid who loves little bugs.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Busy Days Here

A busy day is usually an interesting day. A fast one too - it starts and it gets to its end in what seems like a few moments. I have had some of these lately. So I broke a promise. Starting a day at 7am and calling it a day at 1am for a while and no time for blogging. I call it a busy period.

red and white checks high waist pin up knickers by bonboneva

But these were so interesting three weeks! The studio is covered with fabrics and lace /and tidy too!/, the computer - with pictures, and I have not started knitting yet this autumn. We had some beautiful roses and I took the chance and took some pictures of knickers  with them /more on these later this week/. I got my camera full every day, so I am not taking many pictures actually /not mentioning the products shooting/.

Oh, and the studio reorganization is still going on. I transformed some shelving just to find I can't buy more shelves and need to reassemble them again and built it all in the former style. With all the fabrics living on it it is not exactly my idea of a progress or a better state. So it got immediately a "postponed" status and went on sewing lingerie.

See you tomorrow! And I am sure this time as I will write the post right after posting this one. Organization, organization... it does help in busy periods.