Saturday, 24 October 2015

A Quilt for a Little Lady

Loving to make baby and kids quilt, I was so happy to make this one last month! Going through the pictures now feeels so good - little ones quilts are so special!

It was a special custom order for a little girl. - as colourful and as bugs-friendly as possible for a sunny kid who loves little bugs.

I started with a  calmer pallette and then went for the more vivid colours among the pile.

With a customer who trusted me to do what I like on this quilt, I tried to make it as simple as possible regarding the piecing, so that the appliques could pop and shine.  I was trying to add as many beautiful colours as possible and still keep it pretty simple - just squares, big patches that can be used to play with - place little toys on them, learn the colours, point the flowers, tackle the bugs.

The unexpected back - so detailed and fairy - almost nothing in common with the front, is actually something I try to achieve. It gets a two quilts effect in a single one - each side is a quilt of its own. This print looked like a perfect match/the embroidered label wording is erased on the picture/.

The lettering is her name - sunny and using a self-drafted font. What I like about directional designs and lettering is, the kid can easily figure which side is up and which - down, when using the quilt.

My first quilt was a play quilt for my kid and making a quilt for a little one feels so special to me - a thing a child will love and hug for years. I might have the chance to make one more lady quilt this year and I hope I will have the time to do so. 

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