Wednesday, 16 December 2015

December Sea

Did I say, I love walks by the sea? I did!

So here is something about them here, December walk by the sea a few kilometres away from the city. The small distance made such a great difference on a beach, that looks absolutely wild during the winter months:

brilliant light, clear chilly waters, 

empty wild beaches, framed with some stones piles so you can walk in the water from beach to beach... if only the water was warm...
... noble beige trees gracefully marking the forest rim,

the city behind water in the air... looking so far, far away...

If you have not visited my blog earlier, or have not happen to note this - the waters on the pictures are the Black sea. The pictures are taken on its coats south from Varna.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

10 days to Christmas! Gift Lists Thoughts...

I am soooo late with gifts this year, I am not sure I will make it.

I have a long list of things to make to give and another long list of things to do for the shops. So I might spent the last days before Christmas making the gift list items. I guess it will be all OK. If only I manage to get all the materials by then...

Christmas gift list

In the mean time, I spent some absolutely stolen minutes by the sea - 5 minutes before appointment, 5 after another appointment that took less time than expected... some hours during the weekend and sew knickers most of the time. I guess I will finally make everyone a Christmas quilt next year. I moved a bit further this year - piling fabric. I think it is better to be positive, call it a progress and store the fabrics for another 6 months /at least/ so I can decorate some time later this week. We have lots of small Christmas quilts anyway, so with bed quilts it will still be a quilty Christmas here.

How is your gift list going/ do you Have the gifts ready for packing/ Are you still doing other things instead?