Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Upgrading a Challenge - Cathing up a Design Challenge

I do love surface design. It is a long story - over 20 years old and magical in many ways.

I came back to fabric designs this year and created two more designs. Love it and decided to take part in the wonderful Spoonflower challenge this month. It started on March 1st. I am starting today. Eight days to catch up. Yay! Even more challenge added to the challenge. I missed these and not counting today's...
I really had too, still catching up will add even more drawing in my March!

Spoonflower desgin a day challenge March 2016 - missed days
Back to figures -  at least 3 days creating 3 designs a day. I guess hurrying up ate the missing letter on the list. Now on to drawing, taking pictures, posting, ticking days on this list!

Wish me luck! I need some /2-5/ designed created each day to catch up!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... start!

PS You can search social media with the challenge's tag - #SFDesignADay - and see wjat everyone is creating!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Hello March! Be healthy!

Hello! I was doing some of my favourite things during the last month and a half. I was drawing, sewing, walking and then repeating them again. This kept me really busy. However I have another great reason to say hello now. It is the best time to say hello as it is the perfect time to wish someone good health in the beginning of March. So here I am to wish you the best of health!

February blooming!

It was a really short winter so far. We had the first butterflies in January and really big ones in February. The trees are blooming and some of their blooms have already faded. We welcomed March 1st with Baba Martha and martenitzas - this is the good health thing!  /you can find detail on it here/ and the National holiday on March 3rd, so I am finally utilizing a loooong 4-days weekend to come here and say "hello".

I am running behind some things on the scheduled to-do lists lately and I am partly catching up, partly relaxing this weekend. I am about to challenge myself with some new projects too. I just need to get the things already scheduled done. In the mean time, feel free to come and say hello on my new lingerie blog.

How is your late winter going? Does it feel like winter?

Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Weekend of Greys Before a Week of Colour

We had another gloomy weekend. And it turned into snowy evening. Again. Just like the one two weeks ago. I wish we will have a functioning city tomorrow. Unlike the one two weeks ago.

I did not bake, did not knit, did not paint my nails, did not read books, did not spent time with the flowers... Still it was a nice weekend. I managed to take some pictures in a rear almost light moment. It is amazing what makes us happy on a weekend sometimes! Well, this wasn't the only happy thing for sure.

spring on a cutting table - new fabris in the studio

And here are the fabrics, I bought this Friday and will be playing with next week!

Happy new week!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Colour Splashes - Fabric and Knickers

I am lucky to have brigth fabrics around me. And I am even more lucky to have customers buying some of it.

I showed you two little bundles yesterday and today I will show you another combo I love!

fat quarter bundles of fabric in blue and green

It is one of my favourite! The khaki on top makes the rest a bit muted on this picture

And look what I was sewing today!

pinup retro knickers in yellow satin and ecru mesh

Yay, lingerie! Retro, happy, yellow satin pinup knickers!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Papers that Work - Bullet Journal /and Fabrics/

My knitting projects is still in progress.

So is my new journal, I equipped with some bars today /and orange sharpie/. And I was about to forget the ribbon! Loaded with bells and whistles now!

Equiped the new Journal with some extras - bullet journal
The last couple of days were planning on steroids for me, and I am almost done with most of the January tasks too. I mean with completing them. Love this!

I am also playing with colourful fabrics lately - mostly for the fabric shop.

colourful fabrics mini pile s- fat quarter quartets

And I got the studio rearranged last months so it is ready for more sewing now!

The rest is lingerie sewing of course. Come over the lingerie blog to see more on the journal thing /showed some journals yesterday there/ and lingerie.

I think I migth feel perfectly with such short, minimalist blogging style, how about your blogging?

PS We have a saying here - Wednesday is the day one doesn't sit /too busy to do so/ and a short blog in a classic - super active Wednesday is a good thing!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas Knitting Project

Did I say "knitting project" and show nothing?!

How could I! You might have seen it on Instagram, but it still needs to be here too!

Here are some pictures - love, love this combo. It is a Christmas present. Or pre-Christmas one actually. And it is not ready yet. Fortunately it will be loved no matter it will be two weeks late. I hope so!

start of a late preChristmas knitted gift

It was not planned - thus the delay. If you start something the day before you need it and it takes more than a day... you see! - it is kind of planning the delay. It uses small balls of yarn - the ones left after "main" project they were bought for. Spontaneous start with what I had handy.

knitting progress - Christmas time

It is a tradition for this preer-Christmas occasion and I have always managed to make it in time actually. Mostly knitting in the late evening - just like this picture above reveals - poor lighting, enthusiastic knitting. LOL

Not this Christmas however - these where not ready before Christmas, not even for Christmas day. Or New Year Eve. Because this was the most unexpected start of this tradition, I was thinking of omitting it.
So I am heading to knitting the next part now! They are almost finished now.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year!

A very special year is gone and a new one has began. Such a magical moment! Hope you have had a great holiday weekend and you are starting the new year with a smile!

august sea on a new year start

For me 2015 was very special in so many different ways, I might need a post to document this. As 2016 started with loads of things to do, this will happen later. For now I will just mention the start of my lingerie adventure. You might have noticed it started flowing here in late 2014 and kind of replaced quilting on this blog in 2015. The fact it is no longer flowing here is due to it's new home. Feel free to come and say hello there!

I will be focussed on Valnetine's projects this month and will start working more on patchwork afterwards. Or at least I plan to do so.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous, inspiring new year! Enjoy it!

Don't forget your crowns! The one on the picture was not even noticed when I was taking the picture - I was looking in the sky this August day. We were walking besides the waves and the one on the picture was among the smallest ones on this day. Still an imaginary crown may help sometimes. :)

PS I need to finish  some knitting projects now.