Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas Knitting Project

Did I say "knitting project" and show nothing?!

How could I! You might have seen it on Instagram, but it still needs to be here too!

Here are some pictures - love, love this combo. It is a Christmas present. Or pre-Christmas one actually. And it is not ready yet. Fortunately it will be loved no matter it will be two weeks late. I hope so!

start of a late preChristmas knitted gift

It was not planned - thus the delay. If you start something the day before you need it and it takes more than a day... you see! - it is kind of planning the delay. It uses small balls of yarn - the ones left after "main" project they were bought for. Spontaneous start with what I had handy.

knitting progress - Christmas time

It is a tradition for this preer-Christmas occasion and I have always managed to make it in time actually. Mostly knitting in the late evening - just like this picture above reveals - poor lighting, enthusiastic knitting. LOL

Not this Christmas however - these where not ready before Christmas, not even for Christmas day. Or New Year Eve. Because this was the most unexpected start of this tradition, I was thinking of omitting it.
So I am heading to knitting the next part now! They are almost finished now.

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