Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year!

A very special year is gone and a new one has began. Such a magical moment! Hope you have had a great holiday weekend and you are starting the new year with a smile!

august sea on a new year start

For me 2015 was very special in so many different ways, I might need a post to document this. As 2016 started with loads of things to do, this will happen later. For now I will just mention the start of my lingerie adventure. You might have noticed it started flowing here in late 2014 and kind of replaced quilting on this blog in 2015. The fact it is no longer flowing here is due to it's new home. Feel free to come and say hello there!

I will be focussed on Valnetine's projects this month and will start working more on patchwork afterwards. Or at least I plan to do so.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous, inspiring new year! Enjoy it!

Don't forget your crowns! The one on the picture was not even noticed when I was taking the picture - I was looking in the sky this August day. We were walking besides the waves and the one on the picture was among the smallest ones on this day. Still an imaginary crown may help sometimes. :)

PS I need to finish  some knitting projects now.

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