Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Papers that Work - Bullet Journal /and Fabrics/

My knitting projects is still in progress.

So is my new journal, I equipped with some bars today /and orange sharpie/. And I was about to forget the ribbon! Loaded with bells and whistles now!

Equiped the new Journal with some extras - bullet journal
The last couple of days were planning on steroids for me, and I am almost done with most of the January tasks too. I mean with completing them. Love this!

I am also playing with colourful fabrics lately - mostly for the fabric shop.

colourful fabrics mini pile s- fat quarter quartets

And I got the studio rearranged last months so it is ready for more sewing now!

The rest is lingerie sewing of course. Come over the lingerie blog to see more on the journal thing /showed some journals yesterday there/ and lingerie.

I think I migth feel perfectly with such short, minimalist blogging style, how about your blogging?

PS We have a saying here - Wednesday is the day one doesn't sit /too busy to do so/ and a short blog in a classic - super active Wednesday is a good thing!


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