Monday, 16 July 2018

My Secret Garden Adventure - Bigger Garden!

My gardening love affair is a long story. I have been gardening since I was a teenager with a short brake when I was a new mom. I have not had my "real" garden yet, so it has been "only" small city garden all the time. I love lots and loads, and even more flowers and cascades of blooms... I know this as quite a few people have told this to me lately. Changing places meant changing garden characteristics too -  size, sun exposure and even nature. Sadly this meant moving to a smaller and more closed garden at a certain point.

The New Garden

This spring I had the chance to actually kind of share a balcony and make a garden. I moved almost all my flowers to another balcony. It is bigger and sunnier and moving almost all of my plants there for the summer did not fill it. So I had some free space to play with! New flowers. Yay! A garden of my own for the summer!

This is how it looked while I was moving plants - one corner with my Abraham Darby rose and pelargoniums' first blooms after the winter.  And my other old Austin roses - Golden Celebration and Crown Princess Margaretta /well, I might me wrong and it might be Teasing Georgia... I know this is a sin, buy lost the tags and have both at one point/ about to bloom for the first time this season.

I also moved my hibiscus and my clovers. The hibiscus liked the sunnier position and soon covered with buds and the roses... well, they started growing quicker as you can see on the left. New strong shoots were such a nice way to let me know they like the new place. Especially given the fact it is their second year with me and first one resulted in no basal breaks.

By the ways the flowers on the picture above are the same ones on the picture below. The left one being re-potted on the second one after the first bloom.

Some politics

I kept quite a few flowers at home and gave all the others the chance to live in fuller sun then the one they could have at home.

I played a lot with placement and sun, watering /this was pretty adventurous actually/, and dealing with pigeons... think of moving everything quite a few times /and watching pigeons grow besides flowers/... and then time/logistics management... think of going to the garden before/after work/walk and driving with roses or vines /and big potting mix bags/ next to me.

This being said, after litres and litres of new soil /hundreds literally/, some quick trips to the near fields for more soil and buying lots of new pots... and even some new plants, yay! I think my new summer garden is pretty established now. I only need to give it a good wash at some point when I get brave enough.

As far as I know myself, I might spend all my time at the garden caring for flowers and admiring them and omit taking proper care for the walls until autumn.... You know - so many interesting things to do besides gardening and such a great time spending time with the flowers.We'll see how it goes.

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