Friday, 6 July 2018

Two Dozens of Months Later - Boscobel Rose Leaves Care

Well, two years after the last blog post it is active again!

These were  two interesting years and actually three of my birthdays plus two full garden seasons and lots of new things. Almost no quilts. I kept sewing a lot, but not quilting so much. And I am more and more into gardening and pattern design lately. So this blog will be now dedicated to flowers, gardening and surface design, I think. Quilts I have made and posted about in the blog previous incarnations using services that were stopped /and thus information lost/ will appear here among other subjects. I need to have them all documented somehow. However I am making less and less quilts. Which is a bit sad thing to admit. And quite rewarding on the other hand,  as I am sewing clothes for myself now occasionally and lingerie - generally on a daily basis.

I will try to use the calm summer evenings, when they happen to occur, and document some of the most interesting things of the past two years and, hopefully, most of the current adventures.

The whole "old stories" and "previous quilts" thing will actually mean digging into picture archives which makes me feel unsure I will get the time to do it. So to save some future digging here are some of my gardening pictures taken today. My latest rose leaves care. I am suspecting some deficiencies in supplements and working on a photo archive of its first season.

The brown-bronzy marks are the spider mites legacy. This is the third month of the rose with me and the first one included a serious heath wave and coping with it in the  smaller garden center container. These did not work well together, I have to admit. The rose lost almost all her leaves and half  of her canes. I was way too busy to re-pot and choosing the right pot was time consuming too. Plus I trusted the 6 weeks rule on the roses breeder page, but! forgot the fact they are dealing with 6l pots and mine lived in 2litres one... Thus the careful care for each and every leaf at this stage. I am hopeful on its recovery and will wait for a week more, or two,  to be positive I dealt with the mites to share with you how I did it after being advised I need a really strong chemical spray and better potting it in the ground. It was a steeper learning curve for me - heath, spider mites, some powdery dew, some aphids, and some canes dyeing... all in less than 6 weeks. Felt like rose university although it is not my first rose.

Rose info: Boscobel David Austin rose, purchased in 2l garden center container in early May. Repotted in terracotta pot in mid June . About to start blooming again this July. Buds expected to open in mid July.

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