Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Summer Extravaganza - Roses along the Long Path to a Summer Dress

Living by the coast might imply spending time at the beach during summer months. I spend most of time there in the colder part of the year actually. This summer is no exception. Although I was a about to plan a month of sunbathing and swimming every other day sometime in early July.

I am meticulously switching between gardening, sewing, an exciting new adventure and sewing the dress.

The result is the most beautiful rose garden I have ever had, the most extraordinary summer obsession and a dress taking shape!  

The obsession is in such an early stage now, I am learning every day, skip some sleeping on regular basis  and this made the dress progress quite modest. Still I took my time last weekend and had it all basted finally. 

myosostis dress darts fun

The fitting was quite unpromising. I had to take in lots and loads of lengths. Funny enough this means another session of double basting lines all hand stitched so I can make all the gathering again.

Myosotis dress pieces all cut and prepared for assembling

I hope I will be able to wear this dress in a warm September. I would definitely have no chance to wear it in July 2018 anymore.

I have to admit hand stitching is something I have always loved. It is such a rewarding, quite and meaningful thing to do. I hand-stitch most of sewing projects more or less. However stitching this many lines of gathering twice was too much for an afternoon. So it now hangs all hand-stiched in the version one. Waiting for another hour or so of cutting excess length and restitching the gathering running stitch. I hope I will figure out a way to take a dissent picture of the first version before I cut and restitch so I can share my experience with the pattern. I read a few posts about this beautiful dress and the experience of sewers/bloggers helped me make some decisions along the way. Despite this I will be cutting fabric /after squeezing the pattern pieces/. 

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