Sunday, 9 September 2018

Boscobel Second and Third Bloom

I imagined I will mix sewing and gardening posts with some walks and travel ones on the blog. In reality I was too busy to take pictures of the sewing and sort walk/travel photos. So here is another rose post.

Second Bloom

The second bloom of my Boscobel looked like a new rose  - shallower, paler flowers and no rosettes. It was supposed to change but did not expected this much of change actually and liked it!

On my balcony, not the one it lived on after getting spayed with fungicide&insecticide. In a new pot and with different sun, the bloom is different and fragrant. Though not a strong fragrance, I have to admit quite unhappily.

It started with the lovely hooded buds. I think I wrote about this, but just have to repeat - it's a pity these hoods are not advertised. They add so much to the rose!

It had just three buds - all in a slightly different stage.

So they opened one after another showing the colour change during the life cycle of the flower.

It starts as a relatively bold colour and expands its size adding water and reducing the colour intecity.

At first it seems the flower loses it is colour. It actually gets more noble with time.

The scrappier look - more like a dahlia than a rose it looks beautiful too, I think. And the improved fragrance was a real treat.

Loosing Canes and Leaves

This rose lost half of its canes after the first bloom. It is along story why but it started as this bush and ended like this before the second bloom. Thus the blooms looked so beautiful to me.

Third Bloom

As I am writing this the rose is about to bloom for the fourth time this summer and the third flash of blooms has just faded. It was rather simple compared to the previous two, however it was the most fragrant so far. I was too busy to supply the adequate humidity so it suffered once again and I think this was the reason the bloom got almost simple flower.

I have fertilized it and looking forward to smelling the fourth flash of blooming. I actually hope it will look like the first bloom...

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