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I started drawing at 2, painting at 6, embroidering, knitting at crocheting at 6, kneading and baking at 8, sewing at 20-, patchwork at 20+. My granny taught me all but drawing, sewing and patchwork  Still some of the best sewing techniques I know, I know from her. She had been sewing almost all her life. The very first patchwork quilt I touched was made by her too.

I dreamed of becoming a textile designer before high school. After different school and quite different university, 2 jobs and a kid, the dream materialized and I was working with textiles and fibers every day.
I have started all my clothes /minus lingerie/ in university

I started making quilts for other people in 2006 and enjoyed helping many people add something special in their home - usually something they designed with me.

Making quilts in a country with no quilt shops was a very adventurous activity at first. I printed some of my fabrics, dyeing others and hunted for fabrics on various little shops and warehouses. So I started an online shop for quilting materials.

And remember the "
minus lingerie" thing? Well, I realized this gap in 2014 and fixed right after this. I then injured my hand and had to take care of it and stay away form quilting sandwiches for a while... so lingerie started appearing on my sewing table more and more. It allowed sewing and instant gratification at the same time. So I am sewing lingerie now.

Half of my 6 years of blogging are now archived and this new blog home feels a bit like first time blogging. It might be too obvious on this page now... I hope I sometime find time and way to get all the archives together.

Blogging helped me meet fantastic people and touch creative processes, enter swaps and charities. I find this the most rewarding part of all blogging pleasures. Hope this blog brings some great time to you too!

My family and personal life are usually outside the blog. It just feels right this way. I have not even shown myself on the blog until this new blog place. The blog is my creative home to house all the creative journeys details. Love the way a project lives its own life, with all the unexpected twists and tweaking  that come along the way. I have little if any pictures of me. I usually stay behind the camera. The picture above is a selfie with me and I am not even pressing the button.

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